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I love helping my customers find the perfect destination for their next vacation, and I love hearing back about their travel experiences. Discover some of the wonderful times my clients have had working with BLTA LLC. Take a look at some of their testimonials below, and learn how I’ve helped them explore the world.


Unforgettable 2017 trip to Japan


I visited Japan with Kaori Kay during Cherry Blossom week in the beginning of April 2017. It was really unforgettable trip. First of all Kaori developed very good itinerary and detailed plan of the trip by car. She is very good driver. So you can see very interesting and unusual places in Japan. Have no words to describe the beautiful nature in cherry blossom or sacura blossom days! Our trip was from Tokyo to the Japanese sea, then to Kyoto and Nara, to Mt. Fuji and Hakone, and finish in Tokyo National museum. We saw a lot of sites of National Treasure of Japan.  We visited very famous Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines, many of them are UNESCO sites. We saw Mt. Fuji from the top of sky view wheel took hot springs spa several times and walked in very nice Japanese gardens and bamboo forest. We tried the best Japanese sashimi and sushi at the local restaurant near the sea shore. We enjoy national treasure of Japan in several very famous museums in Tokyo, Kyoto, and Hakone (open- air museum of sculpture). Great impression! We passed a lot of very good l Japanese roads with help of Kaori. Kaori is always cared about the members of her group. She is very attentive to people, soft, polite, very friendly, and cheerful. I love travel with Kaori! I strongly recommend going with Kaori in Japan and seeing one of the world famous countries Japan. You will have Great Fun!


Thank you, Kaori!


Natalia Afanassieva

Kristi - 2023 Spring Retreat










Dear Kay

I want to thank you so much for the amazing trip and tour of Japan. It was truly the best trip ever, your kindness, generosity and love. I had so much fun and will have life long memories. Thank you again. Love, Kristi

Marll Thide

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